Don’t Let Your Kid Suffer From Booger Bubble!


Summer has come and gone, and now it’s cold season. No one likes a cold, but it’s especially hard when your little ones are all stuffed up. Little Remedies has a great product line called Little Noses designed for little stuffy noses. The product line includes: Decongestant Nose Drops, Saline Spray/Drops, Stuffy Nose Kit, and Sterile Saline Nasal Mist. Each of these products are designed to help your little one be able to breath through Read More

Out and About With #jjcole


Fall is finally here, which means great trips to Pumpkin Patches, Halloween, and cooler weather. With the cooler weather comes the need to bundle yourselves and your children up. Keeping your baby warm when you’re planning to spend any period of time outdoors is important, and also not that easy. You don’t want to put too many layers on underneath the car seat buckles because you need the tightest fit that you can get to Read More

Potty Training Tips from a Mom of 5


If there’s anything worse than having a kid in diapers, it’s potty training. It’s gotta be about the most complicated thing. When do you start? How do you know if they are ready? What if they are afraid? What do you do if you have to leave the house? Or at night? Luckily, there’s something to help with those last two. Putting on a diaper would relinquish that ‘big kid’ status you work so hard Read More

Burnt Chicken and Rice Dinner Recipe

Burnt Chicken and Rice Dinner

There’s something so yummy about the taste of chicken that’s burnt to a crisp. How do you make something so scrumptious, you say? Here’s what you’ll need. Ingredients: 1 Frozen Whole Chicken 2 cups Instant White Rice 1 cup of “I don’t give a fuck” Instructions: Preheat your oven to 450 degrees (really as hot as you can get it without burning down your house). Place the frozen chicken into a baking dish and place into the Read More

Tips For a Family Road Trip

Fun Family Road Trip

I have five kids, and we’ve taken road trips plenty of times. I can’t honestly say that we’ve ever had a disastrous experience with them either. I wrote a guest post for Annville Auto Center about some of the road trip tips I have, but there are a few ideas I’d like to elaborate on… mainly ways to keep things going smooth and keeping the kids happy. Our first big road trip was a 9 Read More

How to Get More Rest Every Single Night

Sleep is a wonderful thing, when you are lucky and can get the right amount you need. This may be different for everyone, but most doctors recommend 7-8 hours each night. If you find yourself nodding into your cup of Ramen noodles (lunch of champions!) every day, then it’s time to work on getting better sleep! The following a few ways to ensure you get more rest every night…because baggy, dark-circled eyes just are NOT Read More

Summer Driving Tips

Summer Driving Tips

From kids playing outside, to long road trips, and road construction, summer driving can be dreadful. And of course there’s the awful trend that’s been in the news lately about parents leaving their kids in the car on hot days. I had the chance to guest post on Caitlin Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram‘s website, and I’ve written about how to avoid all of these dreadful things. I also included a few other helpful tips as Read More

The $70,000 Potato Salad, and Why Bacon is Better


The other day, I started a fundraiser on my blog to help kids in need get school supplies and clothes for the upcoming school year. Usually, when I start a fundraiser, I get quite a few donations right away. I didn’t, and I was a little disheartened. But I kept my hopes up anyways, knowing it was a good cause. But then I was on Facebook and I saw a link to this article that Read More

WIN a Back to School Wardrobe AND Help Other Kids Too!

back to school 2

For a lot of young kids, going back to school is fun and exciting. But for others, it can be a nightmare. Imagine walking into your first day of school, in almost-too-small clothes from last year, holding just a couple of pencils. This is the reality for too many families at this time of the year. I’ve teamed up with thredUP (a great site where you can buy and sell clothes that are in almost new condition) Read More

Guess Why This Picture Got Reported to Facebook


So, something happened, and I’ve kind of been holding out on you guys. But it was mostly because it seemed too good to be true, and I wasn’t sure if it was going to come through, but it did! I am the newest writer for Cafemom’s blog, The Stir! My column is called My Husband Ate All My Ice Cream (duh…. right?). My first article got published today, and it’s about this picture: I posted Read More