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Red Cup Living

Tied to fraternity parties, backyard barbecues, and famously to an American country party anthem Red Cup Living is more than just a party staple.  It’s a way of living your life with camaraderie.  Hanging out, tailgating, chilling out, and relaxing with friends new and old is what the husband and wife creators of Red Cup Living wanted to bring to their brand.  They began holding more gatherings on their freshly built brick patio in front of their house because they wanted to know their neighbors.  Red Cups became their thing and it united a block of people by sharing these cups, stories, and proving that everyone has something to offer.

With a focus on connecting and relaxing, the everyday essentials are covered in Red Cup Living’s product line.  Some people has preferences about cups with their drink choice.  Don’t single anyone out with Red Cup.  They’ve taken the traditional red cup and turned it into 16 unique partyware options that has everyone covered.  You’ll find cocktail cups (martini-style), wine cups, margarita cups, beer mugs, coffee mugs, shooter cups, and two different size icon cups – you know the traditional red cup.  All partyware from Red Cup Living is high-quality stoneware that is dishwasher safe.  These cups are reusable instead of throw away plastic because of that they help lessen party waste.  The Icon Cup is made a little different because it’s meant to take abuse and tons of use – it’s made of break-resistant double wall plastic.  So, take it to the beach, the rager, camping, tailgating, skydiving, or wherever you need to break out your Red Cup.

Red Cup Living Family of Cups

Red Cup Living sent us some of their partyware products for our review.  We received the 2oz Shooter Cups with Lanyard, 14oz Wine Cup, 32 oz Icon Cup XL, lids for 32oz Cups (set of 2), Cocktail Cup, and a Magnetic Bottle Opener with Lanyard.

On those products alone with could have a great party with just the family.  These products were really a great idea and a great gift idea.  I can think of a few people that can expect to see some of the items above in their Christmas stocking.  The 2oz Shooter Cups with Lanyard make FABULOUS stocking stuffs for adults and kids (small cups of juice.)  I’d suggest these making great send back to college gifts for the student on your list because what better way to spread the word about a product than get it into the hands of a college student?  Icon Cups are perfect for the parent on the go because they’re that durable. Knocking it around in-and-out of the car isn’t a concern anymore.  If it was a disposable cup or glass, that Red Cup would crack and be ready for the trash can with an active family.  Finally, the convenience of the lanyard items, like the Magnetic Bottle Opener, gives you more time to socialize at the gathering rather than having to leave periodically to open your beverage.  I mean you have to sneak away enough times to use the bathroom in those situations as it is.

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Red Cup Living has one of the coolest Christmas gift ideas for anyone on your list this year.  Grab them for coworkers, friends, family, kids, and just as random stocking stuffers.  I’d consider getting one for a Secret Santa gift in a second, but I know that I’d just keep whatever it was for myself.  They’re that AWESOME!

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Disclosure:  My Husband Ate All My Ice Cream received the Red Cup products listed above for purposes of this review.  All opinions and experiences shared here are my own, and were not influenced in any way by Red Cup Living.

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