Fun Ways to Announce Being Pregnant

Once you find out you are pregnant, after the initial excitement (or shock) wears off, you start thinking about how you are going to tell your family and friends. Here are a few I found that aren’t what you typically see:

pregnancy announcement

This one is great, except for some reason, it really bothers me that she is drinking out of a baby bottle. I think it would have been much better with like, a bottle of water or something instead.

pregnancy announcement

It’s kinda small, but it says ‘Photo paper $5, Postage $0.44, Envelope $.05, the look on your face when you realize there are three of us in this photo: PRICELESS! Arriving November 2010′.

pregnancy announcement

This one is pretty creative!

pregnancy announcement

The pregnancy announcements with the girl puking in the toilet are a dime a dozen anymore, but this one is super funny if you are having twins.

pregnancy announcement

This one would be great, especially for anyone who has had trouble conceiving.

pregnancy announcement

I love the look on her face. She’s totally like ‘What? I’m just eating ice cream…’

pregnancy announcement

This is funny because whenever I’d call my mom and say ‘guess what?’, she’s ALWAYS say ‘you’re pregnant?’. Every time, without fail. So when I got pregnant with Dylan (my first), I called her and said ‘guess what?’ and she said exactly what I expected her to say, only this time I said ‘yup!’. She about died… lol.

pregnancy announcement

This one is easy to get done, and gets the point across.

pregnancy announcement

For those that weren’t quite expecting it.

pregnancy announcement

A little photoshop goes a long way.

And then of course, there’s this one, which we used to announce our 5th pregnancy a few days ago (I’m currently about 5.5 weeks!) We just posted it on Facebook, and tagged our family members!

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4 Responses to Fun Ways to Announce Being Pregnant

  1. Some of these are really good! I like the sibling rivalry one and the kitchen clues one the best, I think. And congrats on your new pregnancy! I have 5 kids myself. :)

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  3. Amanda says:

    We are expecting our third child. With the first two, we didn’t do anything special for an announcement and this time I thought it would be neat. I’m thinking a picture of a bun in the oven and then the announcement on the back. I’m going to mail them to my family so they’ll be totally surprised when they open it (it was a huge surprise to us too! lol)

  4. Tamsyn says:

    I married an Italian man and so when we were pregnant with our first child, I told my parents “I’ve been thinking about my heritage. I’m part French, German, English, Scottish, Russian….and now I’ve got a little Italian in me”. My mom thought I was making a dirty joke. LMAO.

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