I got an MP3 player for my kid, and tried to break it just for you.

Tristan, my 3 year old, loves it when his cousins come over and they bring their iPod. He loves carrying it around and flipping through songs, and having control over the music. I wanted to get him an mp3 player for Christmas, but I wasn’t sure how to proceed. I didn’t want to get something expensive like an iPod, but the cheap ones always break or malfunction. Plus, I wanted something that didn’t require headphones, so that he could hear me when I was talking to him.

I came across the SweetPea MP3 Player for kids while I was hunting for something for him. It’s pretty much everything you could want in an mp3 player for kids:

  • Durable (soft food grade rubber exterior)
  • Integrated speaker makes headphones optional
  • Hidden volume control for parental access only
  • You can organize up to 99 playlists, that loop automatically
  • Only 3 buttons makes it easy to operate
  • No moving parts that can break off
  • Big enough to not get lost (it’s the size of my hand!)
  • Lead free
  • Stores up to 32 hours of music and/or audio books
  • Comes preloaded with some kids songs and audio books
  • Flat base to sit on a nightstand or counter
  • Comes in blue or purple
I can not even tell you guys how awesome this thing is. It’s so durable, that I was really temped to treat it a little roughly… and I’m not that great at resisting temptation, so I did. I took it into the basement, and threw it across the concrete floor. Then I kicked it around a bit. Upon inspection, the only ‘damage’ that had occurred was a small scuff on the handle, which I couldn’t even get to show up in pics.

I seriously love how there are only 3 buttons, and most of the setting are locked in the parental dashboard, which you access by pushing the left and right buttons at the same time. Unless the kids figure that out, the only things they can really do is go to the next song, previous song, and stop it. And if they stop it, it automatically turns off after 1 minute so the battery doesn’t wear down.

I’m seriously in love with this thing. Arick is a mechanic, and every time he takes electronics to work, he manages to break them. So I just might get one for him too… lol. I honestly can not think of a way that this product could have been designed better. Even if it’s not something you were looking for, this is the PERFECT gift for any kid on your Christmas list. It will probably end up being one of their favorite things!

SweetPea also has a tablet they call the Big Boss Family Manager. It’s a tablet that has magnets on it so it sticks to your fridge, and syncs all of your devices with the pre-installed Google Calendar, so that you have everything you need to remember in one place! I haven’t had a chance to actually review it to give you actual feedback yet, but I’m hoping to be able to do that soon!

In the meantime, go check out SweetPea on Facebook, and hurry up and order your mp3 player so you get it in time for Christmas!

I received compensation for this post, in the form of merchandise. All opinions expressed here are 100% mine, and not affected by any outside source.


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